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Awards for Innovations in Social Development

In 1995, the Ford Foundation established the Innovations in State and Local Government Awards programme to recognize exemplary new programmes and policies that address important social and economic issues in America

The programme administered by the John F. Kennedy School of Government at Harvard University, acknowledges the growing responsibilities of state and local jurisdictions for meeting public needs and highlights the creative approaches devised to meet those needs.

The aim of the Innovations in State and Local Government Awards programme has been to give greater public visibility to successful initiatives and to help inspire similar efforts in other state and local jurisdictions.

In India although there are some initiatives in Government such as Collectors awards, police awards for meritorious service etc, these are neither specifically related to innovations nor are they perceived as credible. In addition the system of evaluation and selection are neither transparent nor objective. Further these very facts generate an informal rewards system of favorable transfers etc. In such a scenario of lack of credibility, even genuine positive interventions which may find recognition lose their value.

National Foundation for India has taken the initiative in this matter and plans to introduce an awards programme to applaud quality and impact of partnership in a NGO-Govt. venture for social development in India.

For more information, contact Jennifer at the National Foundation for India.

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