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National Foundation for India

Grant Making Guidelines

The National Foundation for India was set up in 1992 as an indigenous, independent and professionally run charitable trust. In the past five years, NFI has supported a range of development initiatives that address the three interdependent themes of poverty, equity and national integration.

NFI actively seeks partnerships with local institutions, voluntary agencies and research organizations which work directly with communities at the margins of socio-economic development.

Technical support and a financial contribution are available for innovative ideas which aim to facilitate or speed up the process of social transformation.

Support is available for field-based initiatives and pilot projects which are expected to improve poor people’s, especially women and children's access to opportunities. NFI-supported projects have a strong focus on building local institutions which will facilitate sustainable community ownership in the long- term. Projects which aim to replicate initiatives which have successfully taken root in another part of India and overseas are also welcome.

Programme profile

NFI has a mandate to support civil society efforts to catalyse social transformation by complementing the work of other resource-providing agencies. The programme areas selected and the activities supported are distinct from other development-centred grant-making organizations

Gender Equity & Justice: The focus of the programme is on improving the status of the girl child. NFI seeks partners in those districts of Bihar, Rajasthan and Tamil Nadu where girl children’s survival is in question. The objective: to help eradicate female foeticide and infanticide. The Foundation will also focus on efforts to improve the status of the girl child and in particular girl street children in the NCR.

Public Affairs & Urban Governance: The Foundation has supported strategic initiatives which address the concerns of the urban poor in metropolitan cities. Activities have largely been built around the 74th Amendment. NFI will support efforts to strengthen communities ability to demand entitlements. NFI will support projects in Gujarat, Karnataka, Maharashtra and the National Capital Region. In the medium term, the Foundation will increase support to efforts in these states.

Regional Imbalance: Recognizing that the North-Eastern Region is among the most backward areas of India, the Foundation is committed to supporting voluntary action and institution building in the eight states: Assam, Arunachal Pradesh, Manipur, Mizoram, Meghalaya, Nagaland and Tripura. Specifically NFI support centers around issues related to women, sustainable livelihoods and the environment. ers’ projects. Advocacy initiatives which have a strong community base are encouraged.

Research: The Foundation is willing to support research projects which aim to improve our knowledge of civil society, the concept, evolution and growth.

Guidelines for Sending A Proposal

If the idea that you want to develop falls within these broad areas, please send a single page note on the idea. The note should clearly explain what the activity proposed is, the block/district/town where the project will be activated, duration, cost and any other source of funds for the project.

The write up can be in any Indian language and should be addressed to the concerned Programme Officer. Along with the note, you may like to send the most recent annual report of your organization. We do not need any other documents at this stage.

Following NFI’s review of this brief, submission of a formal and detailed proposal may be requested.

Organizations wanting to partner NFI, must be registered societies or trusts. The Foundation does not support individuals, except through the media fellowship programmes.

NFI's support is available to all organizations However the Foundation does not support groups and institutions affiliated to specific religious or political organizations

NFI Does Not Support

Unless they are an integral and indispensable part of the project, NFI grants do not support

Workshops and seminars.

Travel costs for attending workshops and seminars.

Purchase of land, vehicles and buildings

Production of publications, films and other audio-visual materials.

Size of Grants

NFI funds projects which range from Rs one lakh to Rs 25 lakhs. However no annual grant exceeds Rs 15 lakhs.

The overheads and management costs should have a reasonable relationship to the overall project cost.

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